Friday, March 26, 2010

Crown Making

After watching a DVD on medieval times, Kalea decided she'd make herself a crown. She had all the supplies she needed out on the floor at 9.30pm and Tyger wanted in on it of course.

We spent the next couple of hours colouring in paper and cutting paper and taping / stapling paper together to make crowns.  One of those days we'll get a new digital camera, the phone is really poor for photo taking inside! Now this is something a schoolkid wouldn't be doing on a school night - staying up late, making messes! Yay for natural learning : )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playgroup with the little ones

I had a lengthy appointment today so the two children went to the neighbourhood centre's playgroup session where there were a lot of younger kids. The family support worker went with Tyger and Kalea for supervision and said they were very gentle and considerate of the little ones and were invited back anytime! Pity the group is on Wednesdays which is one of the home ed group scheduled meets.

We also went swimming in the afternoon with our "borrow-a-granny". She's the mum of the family support worker who is visiting from England and has been doing some practice speech sessions with the children. It was FREEZING at the pool - overcast and a biting cold wind! Tyger had plenty of bulk and activeness to keep him warm but poor Kalea's lips slowly turned blue and by the end she was shivering even in the larger heated pool so we hit the showers and went to the fish and chip shop for hot chips.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We saw Mariposa today (butterfly woman). Tyger and Kalea both enjoyed the time spent with her as she had two boxes of fine sand and shelves and shelves of figurines and objects to choose from to play in the sand pits. It was really interesting seeing the different play styles and choices between the two kids!

Then from there, we went on one of the local boardwalks to see what animals we could find before heading home for hot showers and hot chocolate. We were rained on pretty impressively on our walk!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


At the Gardens today. There was a guided tour on the Aboriginal medical plants. Tyger was more interested in examining plants and identifying them from a brochure he found. Kalea was happy to hang out with the group and listen to the guide talk, so I spent my time with Tyger looking at plants and flowers and taking photos of the ones he liked. He managed to correctly identify 3 plants from the drawn pictures in his brochure and came close with the rest, identifying similar looking plants. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bird eating spider meets spider eating bird!

It was quite an interesting sequence of events this morning. We had a huge spider web complete with spider across one of our windows. We were sitting there eating breakfast when a bird flew by, and then came back and proceeded to attack the spider! Tyger was very loud about insisting the bird "stop bugging the spider" and shoo'd the bird off. We thought the spider was dead but Kalea saw it move. Apparently it was faking it.

We're off to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Today we discovered a really awesome playground/park right next to a shallow creek. Will be going back there to wade in the creek and look for yabbies!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A treat!

We wandered around town today and had a lovely time. I was not looking forward to getting the car serviced as it meant killing a couple of hours in town with two kids in tow, however we made the most of it! The dealership was very nice and dropped us off in the middle of town so we didn't have to walk.

We checked out the local Salvos and Kalea found two gorgeous outfits for under $2 each. Tyger wasn't interested in clothes but I found some shorts and a couple of shirts he liked when I showed him. Tyger chose a plastic toy shoe with windows and a door, like the old woman who lived in a shoe's house. He has been keeping all his collectibles inside it and is very attached to it. Well worth the $1.50!

We window shopped along until we found a cafe and had burgers, milkshakes and lovely conversation. On the way home, we stopped at an icecreamery in the middle of nowhere for some really good icecream made right there on the spot. There was a large glass window to view icecream in the process of being made. The kids were more interested in which flavour of icecream they were going to eat though!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Kalea wouldn't let me take a photo of her dragon so here is Tyger's. His was made in a hurry as his attention span at the time was limited, there were too many distractions going on. Kalea's dragon looks more dragonish! This is from the library crafts session today, and the books today were dragon themed of course!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thunderstorm at meet today!

There was a massive thunderstorm at the home ed meet today.  As we made for the covered area at the park, it started raining.

Once we were all under cover, we realised a stray dog had come along for the shared warmth and shelter! She was very sweet and mild mannered around all the children.  

Kalea spotted two cockatoos hanging upside down in a large tree sheltering from the rain. She thought it was hilarious. Kalea seems to get along with K really well and they ended up playing hide and seek. Tyger enjoyed running and riding around the park on the bike track with the other kids and seems to have worn himself out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Kalea drew this for me last night and wrote Mama under it. I just can't get over how cute it looks! We've had a busy two weeks plus about a week of being sick which was a nice break. It gave us all time to focus inwards and do our own thing.

Kalea spent a lot of time drawing, writing words and doing ABC printouts. Tyger spent his sick time alternating between watching Sesame Street and sleeping. I hope the weekend goes well for the kids as we've got another busy week next week!