Thursday, October 7, 2010

A random unschooling moment

At the beach playground today, I was sitting at the table with a friend. The kids were playing and then ran up to sit with us. Tyger wanted to use the pen. I asked if he was going to write his name and he drew the first letter of his name and as I prompted him with the other letters, he wrote them all except the last one from memory and didn't need help! Admittedly I was a bit surprised as I've only noticed him recently paying more attention to letters and sounds and only showed him how to write his name once, a few days back.

Not wanting to miss out, Kalea wrote her name too, and then my friend's toddler (P) wanted a go, so her mother wrote her name down for her and Tyger piped out that it was his name (because he recognised some letters from Ps name that were also in his name! He also recognised another letter which was in Kalea's name which isn't too surprising given the amount of times Kalea writes her name down on pieces of paper to give him.

It is interesting to see the difference between the two kids and how they pick up different learning and skills at different times and also at different speeds.