Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY Pets

It all started this morning with Tyger's nimble capture of a garden lizard / skink. He put it in a jar and I showed him how to make breathing holes for it. A few minutes later he came back asking what they eat, so we looked it up on the net.

He had Kalea's attention by this time so they both went out to dig for worms, catch ants, flies and other small insects. They didn't have much luck as they were digging where the ground was hard so I explained about worms liking moist earth. Then Kalea came in to ask how one would catch ants without squishing them!

Eventually they upgraded to a cardboard shoe box for the skink's home, and then decided to let it go when they couldn't catch it any food.

Four homeschooling friends came over and a lovely huge rainstorm hit. The kids had a ball outside getting wet and found a green frog which jumped inside and under the couch to get away from them I presume! They caught it and Tyger was asking what food the frog would eat and Kalea wanted to know how to keep the shoe box wet without breaking it for the frog. 

Such a cute frog. Here are 4 of the kids above, watching the frog swim in the gutter. They seemed a bit surprised it could swim!

Now Kalea wants to know what she can use to catch a bird with. I just laughed at that. I can see that one being successful... not! 

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