Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me - Can you grab me water please?
Kalea - Here you go
Me - Thanks! Oh and here is Shae's water (gives DD the potty)
Kalea - Oh sure! Here you go Shae here is your water!!!
Me - Oh you're a funny one arent you, go on, empty it before you spill it and I get cross!
Kalea - *laughs and starts to go but then stops and says* And then?
Me - *sigh* I'll get madder.
Kalea - And then?
Me - *realising what she is up to again with her Dude Where's My Car tricks* And then I'll scream.
Kalea - And then?
Me - And then I'll scream even LOUDER!
Kalea - And then?
Me - 'll lie on the floor and kick my feet!
Kalea - And then?
Me - I'll start crying
Kalea - And then?
Me - *starts to say something*
Kalea - And then? And then? And then!?
Me - Oh youuuu!
Kalea - Oh mama, it always works every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Never bite the hand....

... that feeds you!

Shae was boobying, and paused to take a chomp out of my thumb which was nearby, then satisified, she went back to boobying. Another pause, another chomp at my thumb. I was laughing my head off because I remembered this idiom and said that Shae was being considerate for not biting the booby that fed her and was opting to bite the hand that fed her instead. Needless to say Kalea thought I was crazy and walked off shaking her head.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mama's a Lemon!

Kalea came to me and asked for help with a page in one of her books where the first and last letters were missing from words. When we were on the picture of lemon, Kalea was having trouble with the first sound. So I thought it would help if she said other words starting with that sound that she is able to write and said "What's my name"...

Kalea - "Mama!"
Me - "No, the other one"
Kalea - "Lemon!!!!!!!!!!"

It took 10 minutes of hysterical laughter, tears running down her cheek in between gasps of "Mama's a lemon!" and "Why did I just call you a lemon?" before she settled down and figured out the connection between the sound and name of "l"!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cardboard cubby

Today Grumps (my dad) visited with his partner and a brand new computer table setup for us. The instructions were wonderfully complex and Tyger got in the way in his efforts to be helpful. Thankfully the girls next door were calling his name so he went outside for most of the time!

Made with the left over packaging from the new computer table we got.  Kalea is in it, chatting with one of the girls next door, and Tyger is in a box I thought was way too tiny for him but somehow he managed to fit in it and is perfectly happy! It is awesome how left over rubbish can become another person's treasure!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


My brother popped in today on his way down from Weipa with his partner and dog. The kids took to Sasha (the dog), especially Tyger who to walk the dog around the yard on a leash, and wanted to keep her!

After the visitors left, Tyger came to me and had a very lengthy discussion with me about why we can't have pets here and saying how he wanted a dog. It looks like a dog is on the books once we move again and end up in a pet-friendly residence!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011

The shortest day of the year! Unfortunately the celebration at Sugarbag was cancelled this year ( but we have made the most of our solstice with food, winter gardening, altar building and other solstice rites.

Our solstice altar for winter + burning a effigy made from pine needles

Our midwinter gardening blitz

A woolly deadwood tree


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A snug night

We had the neighbours over. We had the most gorgeous quiche lorraine, a pumpkin pie, cioccolata calda and the kids had a good play while their mum and I shared a bottle of rich red berry wine. Yum!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A day with Nana

The older two kids spent the day with my mum. This is what she sent to me about their day...
We walked up the mountain and then down to the park for a play, then back home for food (Tyger eats lots!!) we had a picnic then and tried to spot planes flying into the airport, I think Kalea saw one. 
We coloured in and did alphabet letters, snakes and ladders, planted seedlings, tasted herbs, smelled herbs, pulled carrots and cucumbers, made bread, went back to the park (used a different pathway to get there the second time, confused Kalea but Tyger had a good sense of direction and found the park), made milkshakes (lots of ice little flavouring, Kalea likes strawberry and Tyger wanted chocolate), TV for a bit - one pick for Kalea one for Tyger, chalk drawings and shading mixing colours. 
Then we found James and it all stopped!!! ****
Tyger seemed happy listened and as long as I explained things in detail he was fine..... He was frustrated at the park as Kalea could climb using some flexible rope things to the platform but he couldnt, asked him if he would like me to help him and he overbalanced when he got to the top and slipped, I caught him, Kalea was on the platform it was first Kalea pushed him then me pulled him, calmed him down and explained to him he cant let go of his hands until he is fully on the platform, he cried a little, he did get a big fright but was happy for me to cuddle him better (first time ever). 
He climbed the ropes then again, but asked for my help when he needed it which was fine.... then 'Matilda" (little girl about 4) arrived and Kalea and her hooked up which is when the sand kicking started so timed him out on the grass and explained why he should not kick sand that is why he was sitting out...... eventually he said he would not kick the sand again.  pushed him on the swing for a bit (he likes to go high) then he joined in with Kalea and Matilda.
Kalea took a little time to get over her car sickness, and was quiet for about an hour which is when Tyger and I were making the bread.... then she was fine. She did not eat much, Kalea was the one who asked for a milkshake, grapes, hot chips, so catered for her requests as Tyger eats anything and everything!!!!

Kalea coloured in a picture for Ethan, showed her photos of Ethan and Olivia, and the fact that it was Ethan's birthday(hence the mower) and Kalea asked if she could give him a present so a picture was planned...

Kalea also told me a huge story of things that happen that were scary about a visit to the place where dead people were (cemetary) and the doors opened all by themselves and then they went home and they dont go there any more. Kalea also loved the garden and pulling carrots was a hit especially the different sizes of them.

*** James is the little 4 year old that Tyger found on the road, crying and lost. The police were called, but thankfully James father drove by and saw us all outside and stopped!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Queen's Birthday

Kids - "Why are the shops CLOSED!?"
Me (for once I could answer this question thanks to someone else telling me on msn lol) "It's the Queen's birthday"
Kalea - "WE HAVE A QUEEN!?!?!??! (excited)
Me - "Yeah over in England. We have a Prime Minister here, to do the work. Anyway its rather boring and a bit silly that we all can't go to the shops just because its her birthday. She might want a croissant to go with her tea and bully for her shes got people to get that for her even though the shops are shut. Us little people dont get that."
Tyger - "What does she look like? Does she have a crown and all?"
Me (showed them google images of the Queen.)
Kalea - "Oh, thats BORING. She doesn't look like a queen, she looks like some old woman"
Kids - "Its not fair. We wanna go to the shops NOW!!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kalea came up to me and was saying "I know what one plus one is. It is two!" and wanted to know how to write that mathematical equation on paper. I'm not sure what prompted this cos it sounds like a very schooly type of thing to be thinking about.

I asked her if she knew why 1 + 1 = 2 and she said it was because you count them together so I asked a few others like 7+3, 2+4, 5+3 etc and she got them all right pretty quickly in her head. I thought that was pretty awesome.

Tyger discovered Kalea with her page of equations and wanted some too. Turns out he doesn't quite "get" it yet but he can do the smaller ones (1+2, 1+3 etc) and wrote the number answers down (even though they were written sideways they were the right answers lol)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


We collected pine needles and pine cones from the graveyard. They're all falling down now so its a good time to collect decorations for the approaching winter solstice. The bags we are using to store them in smell soooo good.

Kalea wants roasted cashews and hot chocolate with melted marshmallows and spices. She is very excited about the food part of the solstice. Tyger on the other hand is really fixtated on snow. He's been noticing it is colder and colder at nights now and keeps asking when it will snow. Not likely!!!! I said we'd make a trip to see snow sometime.

The graveyard here is very interesting by the way. It is full of ceramic figurines, odds and ends, fake flowers, its so brightly coloured and full of stuff on graves and masoleums and tombs and all that it comes across as kind of tacky and gaudy. The graveyard is also separated into religious segments too, something I havent seen before, there's the catholic section with a lot of italian names, there's a muslim section, and i can't remember what else. Religion must be big in this area.

Its been kind of interesting how by just visiting there regularly, that the kids interest in all sorts of stuff from death to peoples beliefs and asking questions about how people could die and all sorts of philosophical questions about why people bury people or burn people and why there are crosses and religious stuff on so many graves. It even sparked a discussion about santa claus and the tooth fairy and why people believe in them too lol makes for interesting walks!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Tyger painted a couple of treasure maps yesterday, so today I drew up a map of the house + yard and when the kids weren't looking, I went and put some chocolate in plastic bags and marked a big X on the bags and then I buried them in the yard and marked the ground with an x (using sticks and the shovels). Drew the x's on the map and then gave the map to the kids. They had such a good time that I ended up doing it a few more times til I said no more treasure (ran out of treasure ideas) and you know what they suggested? That I mark x on the map and go hide myself at the x and they'd come find me for cuddles and kisses. How awesome is that!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monopoly and Uno are all the rage this week. Surprisingly, the kids seem to get Monopoly better than Uno. They're doing sums in their heads and figuring out change and are always quick to say hey, you owe me money!!! *snort* We have yet to finish a whole game though, but then again since who finishes a whole game of Monopoly!?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Plants vs Zombies

The kids, particularly Tyger have been enthralled Plants vs Zombies players for a while now. Tyger is getting pretty good at it. It is a great strategy game that is very easy for the kids to pick up and improve on as they advance through the levels.

Kalea found this on youtube. She thinks it is funky! It is the end credits once you beat the game.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moth/Butterfly life cycles

Kalea and Tyger caught a black caterpillar two weeks ago and put it in their cage. It ate leaves and then formed a cocoon. Kalea thought it was dead but Tyger remembered the Hungry Caterpillar book and said it was a cocoon.

They faithfully kept the cocoon and refreshing the leaves in the cage for 10 days. I was expecting them to get bored and forget about it but no, they waited and waited and waited!

Tyger made the discovery - a beautiful coloured moth. He ran in to show us and then wanted to catch another caterpillar but said there were none left. I mentioned about the caterpillars eating leaves and leaving holes in the leaves on plants and that maybe if there were holes, there would be caterpillars. Off they both went.

They've currently got a green caterpillar, a hairy caterpillar and some hairless tan looking caterpillar residing in their cage now! While looking for leaves with holes, they found a leaf with tiny black eggs on it but unfortunately it got thrown out accidentally when they were renewing the vegetation in the cage.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I went swimming in the magnapool with the kids today. Their confidence increased a lot with me in the water as opposed to the swimming teacher. Tyger was floating out onto the water using the foam pipes where previously he would cling to whoever had him tightly and not be comfortable out in the open pool. They managed to get themselves around the pool and it looks like they are getting the confidence and skills they need to swim with free play more than they are from the swimming lessons!