Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me - Can you grab me water please?
Kalea - Here you go
Me - Thanks! Oh and here is Shae's water (gives DD the potty)
Kalea - Oh sure! Here you go Shae here is your water!!!
Me - Oh you're a funny one arent you, go on, empty it before you spill it and I get cross!
Kalea - *laughs and starts to go but then stops and says* And then?
Me - *sigh* I'll get madder.
Kalea - And then?
Me - *realising what she is up to again with her Dude Where's My Car tricks* And then I'll scream.
Kalea - And then?
Me - And then I'll scream even LOUDER!
Kalea - And then?
Me - 'll lie on the floor and kick my feet!
Kalea - And then?
Me - I'll start crying
Kalea - And then?
Me - *starts to say something*
Kalea - And then? And then? And then!?
Me - Oh youuuu!
Kalea - Oh mama, it always works every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Never bite the hand....

... that feeds you!

Shae was boobying, and paused to take a chomp out of my thumb which was nearby, then satisified, she went back to boobying. Another pause, another chomp at my thumb. I was laughing my head off because I remembered this idiom and said that Shae was being considerate for not biting the booby that fed her and was opting to bite the hand that fed her instead. Needless to say Kalea thought I was crazy and walked off shaking her head.