Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me - Can you grab me water please?
Kalea - Here you go
Me - Thanks! Oh and here is Shae's water (gives DD the potty)
Kalea - Oh sure! Here you go Shae here is your water!!!
Me - Oh you're a funny one arent you, go on, empty it before you spill it and I get cross!
Kalea - *laughs and starts to go but then stops and says* And then?
Me - *sigh* I'll get madder.
Kalea - And then?
Me - *realising what she is up to again with her Dude Where's My Car tricks* And then I'll scream.
Kalea - And then?
Me - And then I'll scream even LOUDER!
Kalea - And then?
Me - 'll lie on the floor and kick my feet!
Kalea - And then?
Me - I'll start crying
Kalea - And then?
Me - *starts to say something*
Kalea - And then? And then? And then!?
Me - Oh youuuu!
Kalea - Oh mama, it always works every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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