Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Beach Experience!

We didn't really plan for the beach but it was so worth it. Shae was awestruck from the moment we opened the ute door and Kalea exclaimed "Oh! She can hear the waves!!"

First came the sand.....

 Then Shae noticed the water coming in and out. She LOVES water!

... and that cinched it. Off she went. Kalea said "Oh what is that? Oh, is that tiny little baby laughter I hear? Oooh!"

I ended up having to rescue Shae... countless times. She kept going back for more, even after some impressive crawl-splats, face down in the sand with the waves knocking her over. She even had sand and sea water coming out her nose!


This is probably my favourite pic - the drowned rat look! We were both drenched! Shae was kicking her feet trying to get me to put her back down!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crater lake

Outing with the home ed group at one of the crater lakes. Tyger was so sure the volcano was going to erupt with him in it! He got over his fear enough to hop in the water.

Here Kalea is helping Tyger in the water. Apparently his legs got tired of kicking and he wasn't confident enough to let go of the board and use his arms as well.

At Tyger's insistence - a pic of his hair. Some dreads are starting to "get there".

On consistency

I just came across this awesome blog. http://rethinkingeverythingpublishing.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/consistency-is-debilitating/

Friday, February 3, 2012


I was talking with another home educator today about enjoying the days where nothing was scheduled as it meant we could stay home and chill with the kids doing their own thing. I was thinking about this on the drive home and realised perspective is everything...

Perspective - being at home with your kids (instead of sending them to school) would be hard work cos of the parenting, attention and time needed... the kids would get bored, fight, bug you.... and what about a break from the kids??

Perspective - being at home with your kids (as opposed to homeschool group, activity, appointment, out of home stuff) would be a lovely break for not just you but for the kids too as everyone gets to chill out and do their own thing, yet have the pleasure of sharing each others company and conversation over the course of the day.

Likewise, experiencing kids at home during the school holidays is not the same thing as experiencing kids at home as a home educating family. When life is different, perspectives are different. Imagining what life is for a homeschooler when one isn't a homeschooler often overshoots the mark given how the person's current experience is applied to a situation where their children are around all the time.

I love hearing about other families journeys from schooling to home education - they all share the common thread of discovering a few months into home education, how things are so drastically different to what was once their life!