Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Patterns / ASD kids

Noticed something interesting with Tyger today. He might not do well with multiple instruction and not remember what I've said but if I sit down and list the errands and places to go we will do in order, he remembers the order exactly word for word a hour later.

Also yesterday discovered he can beat Kalea hands down with pattern games. He is quick to work out what comes next in a pattern while Kalea is sitting there trying to think it out. Worked out thats why he gets some number problems wrong even though he is able to work out the answer, if he sees the problem after seeing a pattern in the previous problems he will go for the pattern rather than work out the answer. Technically he is right, and technically he is wrong too!

Like 4-2 = 2, 10-5=5, 6-3=3, 5-2=?? he;ll pick 2 as the answer instantly. He can work this out if you ask him what 5-2 is first without asking him the previous problems (cos then he sees the pattern of the second number being the answer. I didn't click onto that until I saw how fast he was picking out patterns.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Shae is a keen climber! This is her favourite spot in the whole house at the moment!

 Tyger showing Shae how to use the computer!

Tyger sharing one of his library books with Shae.