Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 This was Kalea's idea, she gave Shae her MP3 player, and popped on some sunnies. I took this photo just as Shae's eyelids were starting to get droopy!

 Shae loves remotes and grinning for the camera!

 She also likes putting things on her head...

... and holding things in her mouth!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yes its a doll under there. A naked doll. And all I have to say on this one is Er... What the fuck?!

Interesting blog post on unschooling

On assessment and evaluation :

"Another aspect of Radical Unschooling philosophy is giving my children the basic human right of allowing them the freedom of mind. We do not try to pry into their minds to assess what they know. Children today do not have this basic human right and their minds are constantly prodded. I believe that what my children are learning is their business, and it’s not right or necessary to constantly be trying to evaluate them."

On families first:

"Education is an important part of life, but not before laying the solid, important foundation of trust, connection, and joy of living together and doing things you love as a family.  We choose to put family first.  I cannot imagine needing to ask permission for time with my children or having to live our lives around a school’s agenda. The school’s needs always come before family needs.  This to me is madness, and I choose not to have that be a part of our lives at all.  We live our lives together because we want to be together as a family. Our kids want to be around us, and we want to be around our kids. Our closeness as a family and our personal freedom are our highest priorities.  Nothing comes before that."