Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sittin on the couch tonight drinking banana and raspberry water smoothie....

Tyger - "This is SO yummy"
Me - "Yeah I like it too."

Slurping follows... and about 3 minutes later...

Tyger - "I don't like this, it is yukky."
Me - *laughs* "But you just said it was yummy a minute ago!"

A pause while Tyger puzzled over what to say... and then...

Tyger - "I didn't want to hurt your feelings Mama, but Kalea and I hate it, it is so yukky!"

While I was laughing over all of this, Kalea piped in with a "Oh no you don't! IT IS YUMMY YOU JUST WANT MY DRINK TOO!" Another pause and Tyger said "See Mama, we are trying to be careful with your feelings tonight" totally deadpan like while continuing to slurp furiously at his drink!

Looks like some of Kalea's deadpan humour has rubbed off onto him!

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