Saturday, June 2, 2012

The sad side of autism...

After a hard, full on day, and Tyger was calmed down, I had a talk with him about the things that happened. Pretty much he wasn't responding to all the strategies to help him calm himself down, and wasn't cooperating with my attempts to help him get a fucking grip. Sigh. I think it was probably one of these days where he was too escalated to do anything but have his meltdown. At least once he was finished melting down he was calm.

So after that talk, we had a shower and just before he went to bed he came to me and said "Mama can you teach me how to be good?"

Just sigh. As hard as it is for me to deal with Tyger's mental lapses, it can't have been pleasant for him either feeling all that frustration and being unable to deal with it in acceptable ways. At least from me he knows that I will do my best to be calm and not hold it against him. But it still is sad to hear him ask me to help him "be good" when there are going to be times where he can't help it, like today.