About Us

We are a natural learning family of four. There is me, the blog author, a single mama of 3 absolutely scrumptious kids, Kalea, Tyger and Shae. I have to keep a particularly close eye on Shae as everybody seems to want to keep her!

Natural learning started out as a form of education that I thought would best support the children's innate desire to learn. This drive to learn seems to fade out the longer children attend school, and learning becomes work. I didn't want that for my children so here we are, natural learning.

I soon found it wasn't as much a method of education as it was a lifestyle. So here we are on this journey of learning and life. I still have some hang-ups remaining from institutional education and society's expectations but am doing my best to not let it affect the kids unschooling/natural learning.

Enjoy reading the blog!

CURRENT BACKGROUND PHOTO: Kalea and Tyger after a crazy bodypainting session. They have their hands on my pregnant belly where Shae is probably happily sucking her thumb and listening to the cacophony around her.